290 Nantucket BLVD w google-01

Directions From North of Toronto

- South on 404 to 401 
- East on 401 to Kennedy Rd 
- South on Kennedy Rd to Munham Gate 
- Turn left on Munham Gate to Nantucket Blvd 
- Turn left on Nantucket Blvd 
- 290 Nantucket Blvd on left hand side

Directions From Downtown Toronto

- North on DVP to Lawrence Ave 
- East on Lawrence Ave to Kennedy Rd 
- North on Kennedy Rd to Munham Gate 
- Turn right on Munham Gate to Nantucket Blvd 
- Turn left on Nantucket Blvd 
- 290 Nantucket Blvd on left hand side

10 responses to “contact

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am looking to buy a vintage fur coat so I can turn it into a throw for my favourite sofa. Can you tell me what I could expect to pay for such a conversion? Perhaps a range?

  2. Hello Wendy, I have a black female mink from the 80’s that needs a makeover; I am retired and live an active but casual lifestyle in Collingwood and really need a warm coat but more in the theme of a stylish parka with hood. Can we chat about this? I could arrange to drop over to meet you with coat in hand to discuss options.

  3. Hi Wendy

    I read an article recently that you also do redesign of old fur coats. I have a mink (waist jacket) which I’m interested in seeing if I can have it repaired/remodeled. How do I go about doing this? Do I just bring it in, or make an appointment? (FYI, I’m on a shoe-string budget for this…so what would be the range in cost) thanks & regards, Melinda

  4. Hi Melinda, Thank you for contacting me. I would need to see your garmet to be able to give you an estimate on any amount of work. A lot depends on the age and condition of your jacket?? At this time of the year I am on the road a lot as well so an appointment is necessary. Any idea when you may want to come by?
    Let me know. Wendi

  5. Hi Wendy.
    I have a few vintage fur coats that I would like to modernize for next winter. May I make an appointment with you to discuss?
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Wendi,
    I have a fur jacket and coat from my grandmother and a full length mink coat that I would like to have remodelled. Could Iplease make an appointment with you to consider options for these 3 items?

  7. Hi Leslie, Yes, I would love to meet with you to see your furs and the possibilities.I am currently on tour to different cities doing Remodel Clinics. I will be back with all my samples on Monday February 8th. Is there a day that week that would work for you? The factory is open 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Hope to hear from you soon. Wendi

  8. Hi Wendy, my parents are looking to convert my grandmother’s coat into a throw. Would I be able to schedule an appointment?

    Let me know!

  9. Hi Claire, Yes of course. I am just reopening and starting to see customers again. I have samples for you to see. Where would you be coming from? Would after 5pm or weekends work as I am trying to minimize the number of people in the factory during appointments. Call my cell if you have questions. Thanks Wendi 416-258-8706

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